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Course Detail
  • Course Title:
    Combined Local Goods; Services & Works - Measurement & Verification of Local Content based on SANS 1286:2017 & Mining Charter No.3
  • Course Description:
    Public and private entities rely on the independent Local Content Verification certificate to procure goods and services. The SANS 1286:2017 standard together with the Mining Charter No.3 regulates the environment within which procurement of designated Local products & services may occur. This classroom based training course provides procurement and finance representatives from both the manufacturing and service sectors with the knowledge and skills to understand the requirements contained within the standard and where applicable, the requirements of the Mining Charter in order to accurately declare the level of local content within their goods or services. Representation from Procurement & Finance departments is mandatory at this course since they have access to company data necessary for the application of concepts taught and to process an accurate declaration. SPECIFIC COURSE OUTCOMES • have a clear understanding of the designation process and the local content requirements within the public procurement environment. (Mining and Non-Mining) • be able to incorporate the local content requirements as part of the tender/bid process regarding designated products. • know how to calculate LC values for a particular product /service in the designated sector. • be able to verify local content claims by bidders. • be able to assist bidders in completing the SBD/MBD 6.2 and the annexures for local content measurement. • Understanding of the Mining Charter. A complimentary copy of the SANS1286:2017 standard is included for each learner.
  • Duration:
    1 day. This is an examination course which is written on a Friday morning of the week within which training occurred
  • Requirements For Entrance To Attend This Course:
    Matric. This course is offered in English medium and includes several calculation methodologies. Therefore fluency in written and spoken English as well as Accounting & Mathematics background is essential.
  • Bulk Booking Discounts:
    • 3-8 delegates : 2.5% discount
    • 9-15 delegates : 7.5% discount
    • 16-50 delegates : 12.5% discount
    Number of Delegates:


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