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Course Detail
  • Course Title:
    ONLINE CONFORMITY ASSESSMENT FOR CERTIFICATION BODIES in accordance with ISO 17021:2015 and other related standards
  • Course Description:
    This Module 1 course is recommended for all staff involved with certification activities within Certification Bodies. The course fees includes a free copy of the ISO/SANS 17021-1:2015 standard. All accredited Certification Bodies (CB’s) are mandated to adopt the principles and adhere to the requirements of ISO 17021:2015 in order to deliver competent, consistent and impartial certification of management systems. This course is recommended for all CB employees involved in Sales, 3rd Party Auditing, Certification Decision making and management of certification activities. Learners are equipped with the knowledge and interpretation of the requirements to fulfil the needs of the SANS/ISO 17021:2015. Outcomes include but are not limited to: • Understanding of ALL roles within the certification management system • Understanding the expected deliverables from each role player within the different processes of 3rd Party Certification • Understanding the requirements of the normative ISO standards such as 17021-2 ; ISO 17021-3; ISO 17021-10; SATS 17023; SANS22003; and relevant IAF mandatory documentation related to accreditation compliance for Certification Bodies
  • Duration:
    Module 1 – 5 days consecutive with MANDATORY 100% attendance. Written examinations apply and the min pass mark for Successful Completion Certification is 80%
  • Bulk Booking Discounts:
    • 3-8 delegates : 2.5% discount
    • 9-15 delegates : 7.5% discount
    • 16-50 delegates : 12.5% discount
    Number of Delegates:


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